Lepelclub mixed spoon set


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Gratis verzending binnen NL bij besteding van € 50,-

Geboren in Amsterdam, de Lepelclub zorgt ervoor dat elke cappuccino of koffie een feestje wordt. De glazen lepels bestaan uit 4 pastelkleuren: Judi, Millow, Poppy en Chlo. Een perfect cadeau voor een Housewarming, Sinterklaas of Kerst. De lepels zijn als set verpakt.

Niet vaatwasserbestendig

Afmetingen: 15 cm
Materiaal: Glas

Once upon a time, in a boutique hotel in Amsterdam,

a girl wondered how everything could be perfectly styled

from gold coffee mugs, curated art to the sound of Parisian music in the background.

Except they missed out on one thing, their spoons. After looking around she realized that they just didn’t exist. So their only option was a boring one.

Her mission was born to design cheerful spoons.
For herself to combine with her endless collection of mugs
and for everyone else to start their day with a smile through their spoon.

The reason behind the name? Lepel stands for spoon in Dutch. Sometimes you have to keep it simple right?

Stir things up! xx